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Alpha Maker with Video 04/07/2009

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Now is possible to see how the action works before you buy. Just click.

Agora é possível saber como funciona a Action, antes de comprar. Apenas clique.


Do you want win this Alpha Maker? Simply and easy, just leave me a comment in this post (only one comment here, ok?).

 Do you want more chance? Try here.

Quer ganhar este Alpha Maker? Simples e fácil, apenas deixe aqui um comentário (neste post).

Queres mais chances de ganhar? Tente aqui.


Boa sorte!!!!


18 Responses to “Alpha Maker with Video”

  1. elisja Says:

    Wow!!!!!I love it!!!!!I’d love to win!!!!This is absolutely fantastic action!!!!!Thank you for the chance!!!!
    All the best!!!

  2. elisja Says:

    Again me….I really love it!!!!And would love to have it!Absolutely fantastic action!
    Thank you so much for the chance…

  3. Eu querooooo!! rsss


  4. disturbedangel13 Says:

    omgosh way cool 🙂 thanks for a chance!

  5. jociandi Says:

    I would be happy with this action! Easy and makes my scraps easier.

  6. Michaela L. Says:

    it´s absolutely amazing. very very nice. i would like to win 🙂

  7. EU QUEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Sorteia eu, Cindy!!! hahahahahahaha


  8. Elsina Says:

    Fantastic action! Thanks for the chance!

  9. elisja Says:

    I love this action!!!! I’m dreaming to have it!!!..This is absolutely fantastic action!!!!Thanks for the chance!
    All the best!!!

  10. Sarah Says:

    And me again.
    I would love to win it, this is sooooooooo awesome. Thanks for this second chance. Maybe you make me a holiday (11.07.-18.97) surprise *lol*


  11. elisja Says:

    Love it!!!Oh….I want this action….Please….
    Thank you so much for the chance.
    Have a great day!!!

  12. timkova Says:

    Gorgeous thing! I would love to win this!
    Thanks for chance!

  13. elisja Says:

    Ohhhh….Alpha Maker…..I love it!!!!Please!…..
    Thank yoy for the chance to win this fantastic action…
    All the best!

  14. Keka Says:

    O vídeo ficou perfeito! Mas sua action é tão perfeita que é quase que autoexplicativa! Amei!!!!! $UCE$$O!!!!

  15. Day Says:

    Wow thank you for the chance to win this!

  16. elisja Says:

    WOW!!!!!!!This is fantastic action!!!!!I love it!!!!Thanks for the chance to win!
    All the best!!!

  17. Cornelia Says:

    wow so great thank you

  18. elisja Says:

    Love it !!!!I want it…..Please….
    Thank you for the chance.
    Best regards.

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