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New products and Freebie!! 27/09/2009

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 Hello Girls!!!

Here are my newest alpha pack! 

All packs have a complete alpha collection with Lower and Small Letters, Accents, Numbers (0-9) and some specials characters. All made with Alpha Maker Action.

Go down! You’ll  find some freebies! 

 ClaudiaSachs_PetitPois_Red  ClaudiaSachs_PetitPois_Blue


ClaudiaSachs_StarAlphaPink   ClaudiaSachs_StarAlphaBlue

I love wordart! I made this speciality for you. To Baby Boys and Baby Girls. Do you want this? Go shop and see how can you get your copy.

ClaudiaSachs_BabyGirlWordart   ClaudiaSachs_BabyBoyWordart


And now, it’s time for freebie!!! Take it. But be fast, because in a few days this pack will not be a freebie anymore.



Thanks so much for your support. If you take the freebie, please, let me a comment.



3 Responses to “New products and Freebie!!”

  1. Pattycakes Says:

    Thank you!! 🙂

  2. grazi Says:

    Lindos alphas, obrigada!!

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